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Driver Sign-Up

How do I sign up to drive?

***Please note that we are NOT currently onboarding new drivers***

What is my application status?

Please double check that you have completed all of the items on the list. If you are still unsure of what you may need, email us at to check your status.

Are you still requiring in-person vehicle inspections & interviews?

We are no longer requiring in-person visits for new drivers. However, we will soon be adding additional application steps to help RideAustin evaluate prospective drivers remotely.

What are your office hours?

RideAustin currently does not have an office facility open to the public.

What happened to your downtown onboarding office?

RideAustin was incredibly fortunate to have a great downtown location with an enormous parking lot from July 2016 - May 2017. Our lease was month-to-month, as the building was slotted for commercial development by a new tenant. Now that the new tenant has received his construction / architectural permits for a coffee shop, the building will be undergoing construction starting June 2017.

We will have occasional pop-up office hours in various locations, which will be communicated in our driver emails. We're also looking for a spot to put a dropbox for lost & found items that you are unable to return to your passengers.


How do I download the RideAustin driver app?

Android: search for 'RideAustin Driver App' in the Play Store

iPhone: go to, and after downloading the app, go to Settings > General > Device Management > Crossover > "Trust"

How do I reset or change my password?

RESET - If you are unable to log in, select “Forget Password” on the sign in page. Enter your email and a temporary password will be sent. Copy and use this temporary password to log in.

CHANGE - Once you are logged in, go to Menu > Settings > Edit Account. Select the field with black dots to change your password.

I cannot contact my riders. How do I fix this?

Please check these three things before contacting support.

  1. Open up the driver app. Go to Menu - Settings - Edit Profile and make sure the phone number is correct. Including a +1 before the 10 digit code.

  2. If you are an Android User - Go to your phone settings. Applications - Application Manager. Find the Ride Austin Driver App. Open up Permissions and make sure you have Phone and SMS selected.

  3. Make sure you don’t have the following phone number blocked on your phone and/or message settings. 573-321-4879

How do I add a second vehicle to my account?

To add another vehicle to your account, go to Menu - Settings - My Cars and select “Add Car”. Once you have uploaded the vehicle information, please email - to let us know so we can approve it.

My location on the app is not correct. What should I do?

Check your phone settings, make sure your location services are turned on and your app has permission to access your location. If this does not solve the issue, please completely uninstall and reinstall your app and "allow" RideAustin to access your location.

How do I update my Insurance?

In the driver app, select Menu - Settings - My Cars - Update Insurance. Take a photo and enter in the expiration date. Click Save.

How do I update my Driver’s License and TNC card?

In the driver app, select Menu - Settings - Update Documents. Select Driver’s License/TNC card, update the photo and enter in expiration date. Click Save.

How do I update my license plate number/registration?

Please email your new license plate or registration information to - and we will update it for you.

How do I change the navigation system?

When you take your first trip with Ride|Austin, you have the option to choose between Apple Maps, Google Maps and Waze. Select the option you prefer and select as “default” if you would like. Once your preference is set, you can go to Menu - Settings - Navigation - to change.

Lost & Found ItEMS

How do I return an item left in the vehicle?
If you find any lost belongings in your vehicle, please reach out to the support team for further directions. If you know which passenger the item belongs to, please find the specific trip under the Earnings Tab and select Contact Support. If you are unsure whose item it is - please send a general email with item description to 


How do I get paid?

RideAustin uses a 3rd party payments processor called Payoneer to deposit funds directly into your bank account. Earnings accumulate weekly from Monday 12:00 a.m. through Sunday 11:59 p.m. and will be deposited the following week.

How do I set up payments?

There is a customized link within the email you automatically receive from RideAustin after signing up in the app. If you need your custom registration link re-sent, please email

When do I get paid?

We issue payments via Payoneer on Tuesdays, and it generally takes 1-3 business days to hit your bank account. Holidays may affect timing. 

How can I contact Payoneer?

Please call the Payoneer Support Line at 1-800-251-2521 or submit a question from their website when you are logged into their account.

How do I change my bank account?

Log into your Payoneer account and submit your changes. Make sure to monitor your email, as Payoneer often requests additional information for account changes. You also may want to call the Payoneer Support Line to confirm your new account information has been updated - and approved by their Approvals Department.

I did not receive my weekly earnings as usual - what happened?

Depending on the bank, funds generally hit your account on Wednesday or Thursday. However, bank holidays can delay payments by an additional business day. If you have changed bank accounts recently, your changed may not have been approved by Payoneer - and this would cause the payment to be held back by Payoneer. If you experience an unusual delay in your payments, please first call Payoneer at 1-800-251-2521 to check if your account is pending.

Can I get a cleaning fee if a rider makes a mess?

If a rider makes a mess in your car, we will reimburse reasonable cleaning expenses and charge the rider. You must provide accurate photos of the damage. Please also provide a receipt if you have it cleaned upfront; otherwise, we will issue the standard cleaning fees based upon the damages documented in your photos.

Please send over all required information (photos, details of ride, and receipt - if you have one) within 3 days following the incident. Also, please note that we will not charge the rider for any cleaning expenses beyond the cost of repair for the damage that they specifically caused, beyond normal wear and tear.


What insurance coverage do you provide?

Here are the major details:

--Stage 1 (Driver logged in, but has not accepted request)

$50k bodily injury, $100k total injury, $25k property damage (excess)

--Stage 2 (Driver accepted request)

$1M 3rd party liability, $1M UI/UM (uninsured / underinsured motorist)

--Stage 3 (On an active trip)

$1M 3rd party liability, $1M UI/UM (uninsured / underinsured motorist)

What if I am in an accident?

If you need a file a claim through our rideshare insurance:

--Fill out the accident form HERE

--Email us photos of the damage (and the police report, if applicable) to