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Austinites love to ride local with RideAustin - and we've been thrilled with our continued growth. Our riders appreciate that we were created by locals, we pay drivers more, and we give back to local charities.


RideAustin has a zero tolerance policy on the use of drugs or alcohol by drivers who are driving passengers. If a driver is found in violation of this policy, they will be deactivated immediately. 


Download the RideAustin App - Register as a passenger > go to the menu > Drive with RideAustin > Follow instructions.

Fingerprints - We require every driver to be fingerprinted.

You must perform a fingerprint background check at Identogo using the code 11GYVN located at: 108 Denson Dr. from 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday (walk ins).

Chauffeur's Permit - Once you get your fingerprints done, you must get your chauffeur's permit which allows you to use our Direct Connect feature and create your own clientele.

Steps to obtain a Chauffeur's Permit:
1. Call (512) 974-1438 to verify your current fingerprint status
2. Complete the application for a Chauffeur's permit.
3. Download and print your type 3A - 3 year driving record (available at:
4. Pass a 20 question multiple choice test on driver and passenger's safety.

The Ground Transportation is located at: 1111 Rio Grande St. (12th St.) Austin, TX 78701.

Please make sure you have all the forms ready and the $20 fee in cash or check only!

Hours of Operation:
Mon. Tues. & Thurs.: 8:30am - 2:30pm
Wed. and Fri.: 8:30 - 11:30am